Awa - professional African djembe drums

awa buy professional djembe drums

Awa djembe drums are first in class and the quality of assembly is exceptional. Nothing is left to chance, the rings used are perfectly curved to the exact diameter of the djembe.

The bearing edge is filed to optimal playing comfort, and the goat skin covering it is selected according to strict selection criteria for thickness and are without blemishes.

All rope is made in Germany and is polyester and pre-stretched.

Artisans who make these assemblies have been personally trained by Jeremy Tomasck since 2000.

The wood of these djembe shells has been pre-dried, and the wood that has been used is precious exotic wood (Lenke, Khare, Dugura, Djalla, Kolo Kolo) especially dedicated to the manufacture of the djembe.

These drums are built with the best of all materials and have been individually picked with meticulous care and quality control.

The aesthetic and sound power guarantees you an instrument for life.

Now you can sound your best....