Learn to play Kpanlogo drum lessons

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Do you want to Learn to play Kpanlogo drum.

Are you looking for a few new licks to play on djembe, kpanlogo or congas?

We are providing some free content and warm up exercises as well as some low cost personal lessons.

Learn traditional rhythms from Ghana, West Africa and experience the feel of playing with a drumming group.

Do you want to learn how to play the african drums step-by-step training?

Are you looking for some new accompaniments and solo phrases?

These easy to follow djembe and kpanlogo video lessons will guide you through essential techniques and rythmic structures, you will need to learn as a drummer.

They cover the all important fundamentals as well as more complicate solo phrases.

For each rhythm Oko and Simone give you the male, female and master patterns for these popular rythms.

You will learn accompaniments and solo phrases for the following rhythms:

  1. Kpanlogo
  2. Oge
  3. Fume Fume
  4. Sodja

Most of the price of these rhythms go to Oko and Simone who live in Kokrabite in Ghana.

Click here to learn the language of Ghanaian rhythms directly from the source.

Djembe video lessons

Beginner djembe

Improving djembe

Djembe solo