Learn to play Tiriba on djembe

This is a free djembe lesson for the traditional Beyloa rhythm called Tiriba

"Tiriba (Triba) is from the Laduma-people, from the Boke and Boffa area in the West of Guinea. Through the years Tiriba has been given different meanings. In the oldest period Tiriba was a great dancer who performed with a group of percussionists. Dancing in a special costume he was called "the Tiriba" . This Tiriba-dance is no longer danced, but the rhythm is played very often. Later the rhythm got popular with initiations, as girls became woman; a dance where mothers and their daughters dance together. The rhythm is a ternairy rhythm, but there is also a "modern" binairy version (by Arafan Touré)." c WAP-pages. Paul Nas.

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