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The ideal way to learn how to play djembe drums and dundun is to have drum lessons with someone who has been traditionally trained and is very experienced in the art of djembe.

The Fastest way to learn djembe

Having said that, not everyone has access to a good teacher. Even if you do have a good teacher, the fastest way to improve is to supplement our work with your teacher by working by yourself.

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There are many aspects of djembe drum playing including strength and co-ordination that only you can improve. This is where online djembe lessons can be of a great help.

Djembefola.com has partnered with Tasumakan to create top quality online African drum lessons that you can download to your computer / tablet or phone.

These lessons have been very well received by the community and are recommended to those people who are looking to get out of a rut and expand their drum vocabulary.

Free djembe video lessons

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These are our free djembe video lessons. You will need to register (for free, no catches) and sign in to view them:


Kuku is a circle-dance for the woman, celebrating the return from fishing.


Diansa was originally a competition dance for young men; these days it is a very popular rhythm, played all over West Africa.


Tiriba is a really interesting rhythm from Laduma-people, from the Boke and Boffa pat of Western Guinea.

Learn the Kpanlogo Drum Secrets of Ghana

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Kpanlogo Video Lessons

These Kpanlogo video lessons take you deep into 4 traditional Ghanian rhythms.

Okoe and Simone, from Kokrabite in Ghana talk about each rhythm and show you all the main parts, and master solo patterns.

There is a free preview so you can get to know the teachers and get a feel for the content.

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Free djembe lesson tutorials

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Beginners Djembe Basics

These articles aim to give a beginner a solid foundation

Drum Timing

Build your inner metronome and your understanding of musical time with these simple exercises.

Djembe solo ideas

This articles gives some foundation on crossing time with your solos and gives you a few ideas for djembe solos.

Deepen your djembe studies

Check our page for your country and if you're lucky there may be a teacher close to you. Otherwise you can look at learning a few djembe rhythms yourself.

The majority of people do not live near a teacher and as such we offer these online djembe lessons as less than perfect solution to an unideal situation.