African djembe drumming & drum videos

We have a number of exclusive djembe videos and African drumming related videos.

Video Interviews with prominent Djembe players

Interview with Amara Kante

An interview with djembefola Amara Kante from Guinea, who is now based in Marseille, France

Interview with Monette Marino-Keita

An interview with Monette Marino-Keita who has just release a new album Coup d'Eclat.

Interview with Michael Taylor

An interview with Michael Taylor from Holy Goat percussion and Tam Tam Mandingue.

Mamady Keita at the big bang festival, Dublin 2009

Mamady Keita gives a 2 hour talk, performance and takes questions. This was a part of the big bang festical which was held in Dublin in July 2009.

Video of Djembe teachers

Video of a short djembe performance by Shaka Keita

Shaka is a djembefola and teacher based in Burkina Faso.

Djembe & African Drumming Video Lessons

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Djembe video lessons

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