Dundun stands

How you supporting your dundun is limited only by your imagination.

Things to keep in mind are:

    Portability - weight and bulkiness

    Dundun position - Do you want the dundun verticle or horizontal


Here's some ideas:

Dundun Stands

It's very usefull to have purpose made stand that are solid. The last thing you want to be worrying about while playing is that it's all about to come crashing down.

Verticle stands

These are suitable for playing the dundudns upright. The problem with playing upright is that the dunduns won't sing if they sit on the ground because the bottom skin is dampened on the floor.

Expect to be frowned upon my traditional Malinke purists.

Here are 2 types of verticle stands:

- Welded steel

Many designs are possible. Here's an example of one. The dun dun can be tied onto the top ring using rope.

These tend to be quite heavy and bulky but they are very solid.

- Collapsable stand

For full instructions, checkout silver circle. These are my personal favourites at the moment. There's a few variations possible.

I use 2 x 1 inch roofing timber as my big dundun is huge.

These are great. Very light weight, portable and solid

- Milk bucket and ratchet strap

Kudos to Paul for this one.

This consists of a square milk crate (about 1 foot by 1 foot). The bottom skin sits over the hole, so the drum still resonates.

The dundunba sits on this and then the sangban and kenkeni are attached either side with a ratchet strap, like you use to attach surf boards to the roof of a car.

The ratchet strap will also work with the collapsable stand above, if you don't like the milk crate idea.

Horizonal stands

These are my prefered stands for playing horizontal dunduns

- Purpose build X shaped stands

These look like this from the side. Each side has and X as in the diagram and the 2 Xs are connected At the top (on both sides) and the bottom.

- Catering stands

These are like the above, the 2 Xs have a connecting piece across the top of the X on both sides, which is connected by 2 pieces of nylon strapping. The dunduns sit on top of the nylon straps.

The straps also remove the need for a mechanism to hold the X in it's shape, unlike the purpose build X shaped stands above.

I'm not sure where to get these. We aquired some from somewhere at some stage.

dundun catering stands


Painful and tiring, but usefull under certain circumstances.

Refuge of the unprepared.

If Samba drummers can parade with metal surdos cutting up their shins, then you should be ok.

Surfaces (tables / chairs / the floor)

Unprofessional and infinitely available :)

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