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By Waraba
Wula Drum wrote:Waraba-

'nice one!!!!
at first you got me--- but then I saw the Ossining, NY address!
Ladies and Gentleman....... let me introduce to you 'waraba' the one we call 'THE WARDEN' (his jokes imprison you)- Djembe jail!
you got me cracking up and my kids are looking at me like--- what's wrong with dad? Haaaa! haaaa!
Enjoy the day!

Michael, no--- please, no ---- not the Djembe Jail. Not again! I promise... I promise I'll be good! :rofl:
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By Rhythmtree
I just received my new Djembe from Wula and it is a beauty. I really love this djembe. I usually don't go for the flashy ornate stuff, but something about this one really caught my eye. I love the form and how much the stem flares out toward the bottom. It wasn't listed on the online store, I saw it in the corner of a facebook photo of the new shipment and I decided to ask Galen about it.

I've read some negative comments about Wula in this thread which dishearten me a bit. I've had a wonderful experience with Tom, Galen & Mike. they are very helpful on the phone and email. It is always a bit of a gamble when buying a drum online as far as how much you'll like and bond with it when you get your hands on it, but every piece I've purchased from Wula has been a superior sounding and looking instrument and I've really grown strongly attached to them with one exception and that drum was replaced free of charge for another drum that I chose in it's place. My experience is that the Wula team really stands behind it's product and wants you to be totally satisfied with your purchase. I recommend Wula to everyone, their instruments continue to set new standards, stand out sonically and visually, and I feel like you get WAY more for your money than with drumskull. I also like the business transparency side of Wula and their social & environmentally conscientious approach to drum building. I like seeing pictures of the guys that carved my drum, what their workshop looks like, where they go to cut the trees, etc.
All of that serves to build a stronger connection between me and my instrument.

I've learned to not have the same expectations for speed of service that I have for Wula as I would have for Amazon, and sometimes it may seem like Wula's endeavors might be overwhelming their manpower, but I really love what they stand for, the people that make the up the company, the product they create, and the direction they're headed. I am proud to own and play their instruments and I can't say enough positive stuff about them. Thanks Tom, Galen, Michael, Yambig and the rest of the crew! Y'all are awesome!

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By michi
Hi Michael,
Wula Drum wrote:Hey Michi!!!
Thanks for your reply....
all points well taken!
I guess, if you want, we can call it a fiasco-----for sure
Not insisting on that, I was just expressing my personal opinion. Regardless, I'm glad that the DVD is finally out!
I won't do pre-orders like that again thats definite.

And, we immediately stopped when some time passed, so there were about 40 folks waiting for Vol.
Ah, thanks for pointing that out, I wasn't aware of that. Looks like I got bitten because I was an early adopter :)
come visit me and I'll show you some fiasco's;)
I'd love to meet you in person, but not if all I get to see is fiascos :-)
So, Michi- thanks for your posts! I may not agree on all things 100%, but all I can say is :



I never met you face to face, but I love you already!
Thanks for the cheers, I wasn't expecting that!

I don't know when I'll next be in NY area. But you can bet your bottom dollar that, next time I get there, I'll visit you guys and say hello. I'll also bring a large towel, so I can catch all the drool that will inevitable develop as I look at your stock. :)
And in honor of Michi and all his presence, i would like to offer Wamato: DVD Vol. 2 at $25 (plus shipping) for everyone who orders by writing an email to

Wow, you've really buttered me up now. I think I have some anti-inflammatories somewhere to reduce the swelling of my head. I'll take some straight away—right now, I'm having problems getting through normal-size doorways… ;)


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By michi
Rhythmtree wrote:I just received my new Djembe from Wula and it is a beauty.
That's a beautiful drum! What wood is it? Gele?

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By Rhythmtree
It's acajou/djalla. deep cherry red heartwood . I love the subtle fragrance that acajou has.
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By michi
Rhythmtree wrote:It's acajou/djalla. deep cherry red heartwood . I love the subtle fragrance that acajou has.
Ah, OK. That's much more red than my djalla, but that could be just the photo.

Yes, djalla smells nice :)

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