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I wondered about the photos, because at first I thought I cannot access the website anymore. All you can see is big photos, but otherwise it doesn't reacht to clicking. That can be confusing for first time visitors.

But the big photos have an advantage: when you access the site via smartphone, you can actually read the menu because the background consists of darkish photos and isn't white on white...
I would say the access to the forum is a bit shook from the home page. When someone clickson the community tab they should be put straight into the forum, instead there is the option for djembe forum, which gets you in if you click it,, but, there is also a arrow suggesting more options which both end up in a disused page, as in latest posts and latest videos. All these options leading to nothing is not good for a home page i would think.

I also think yopu should not have limited areas of the forum like the riddim of the month section. Like obviously this tactic of having things only available for logged in members is not bearing fruit.

I also think the photos or upper displays of the pages are too deep and need to be compacted to avoid people having to scroll down so much. I'd prefer to see a lot less room on the top of pages that is unnecessary, as in frames and space above and below the frames. Waste of space really.

Ultimately You want to adopt techniques used by face book of a feed rather than pages to go through if that makes any sense in how people see recent messages.

Try to make it more accessible and handy to use.