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By djembefeeling
Rainer Polak finally launched his own website. There are tons of his publications and music for free download. He also posted some of his amazing video tapes with various drummers from Mali on Vimeo. That means that all of you cheap guys who waited until now for his high quality material can download all the stuff for nothing that I paid tons of money for. Choke it! :p :envy: ;)
By korman
Wow, his site is really well put together and nicely done! Thanks for the link, djembefeeling, looks like there's lots of material! Actually, he should include a donation link, otherwise it's an incredible give-away.

Yes, and I wish someone would translate his book and thesis to english.
If you are still not thrilled by the news, let me tell you that he has made a third "Mali tradition" album in the spirit of the first two jenbe realbooks with thirteen tracks.
Isa Coulibaly, former student of the great Namory Keita, on solodjembe and, of course, Madu Jakite on konkoni.

Listen to that cool stuff on soundcloud:
Actually, he should include a donation link, otherwise it's an incredible give-away.
It is and it isn't. The work was mostly done for academic research that was paid for in a way by foundations. So don't worry. If you feel like donating why not donate some money to the musicians in Bamako who had a rough time since the events folowing the military coup.
hey, Jurgen, thanks a lot for this heads up on this site. Wonderful resource.
Please search this forum for Namory Keita Bamako...

by the way, all the entries, as far as my search could go, on a Namory or Namori Keita from Mali were from your posts. But I've seen his name mentioned in Polak's site. I get it. He was a djembe master from Mali.
I am sorry, you seem to be pissed a bit. Did not have that much time in that moment and thought I have written lenghty about him elsewhere. Namory Keita was the last guy in Bamako to play the leather jenbe, i.e. a jenbe without the iron rings. So the pitch he played with was much lower, but he complained that with winning this constant high pitch and loosing the necessity to regularly heat the skin for playing, you also loose a whole world of modulation, of expression in nuances on the jenbe that he was a master in...

Rainer Polak recorded him at length, and I immediately feel for his old style. Some of the tracks are a bit too much old school for me, because they are very repetitive, but others are completely exciting and so intense. Something special.

His laments about the iron jenbe remind me of the complaints of old kora players about using tuning pegs and how the sound of the kora loses warmth and soul...
djembefeeling wrote:I am sorry, you seem to be pissed a bit.


well, I try really hard not to... 8)

It's just that your answer was sugesting that the subject had already been thouroughly discussed. Wich wasn't quite the case. Well, we're here to grow in knowledge through dialectics and discussion, so, no point in being pissed on anyone or worried if anyone is going to be pissed on what we say with the best intentions.

I'm curious about that Namori. I'll seach Polak's online stuff to see if I can hear him.

Again, thanks for this heads up and for all of your enormous contribution on our nowadays kind of chilly forum.
By RaiPol
Hey there,
thanks for discussing my online materials. Note that some of the audio moved from soundcloud to hearthis:
This includes a 1994 album I recently uploaded, "Bamakò Fòli," which contains some of my earliest recordings from Bamako. On my website, this comes with some written info and a bunch of photographs. ... io-albums/
With kind regards,
Rainer Polak
By Paul
This is great. I have the first 2 volumes, and i'm currently obsessing over n'gri.
I studied with Drissa kone who featured a lot in 1 & 2.
Admittedly I transfer most of the tunes to a 2 or 3 dunun set up (3 rarely) and add breaks.
I think this is great to a have a reference of dunun/solo interaction, i look forward to the sega sidibe resources exploring connection with song and dance.
I really enjoy manjanin on vol 2 where the djembe flips into a kinda tansole solo, garankedon is like freestyle jazz.
By RaiPol
Hi guys!

My website now offers a possibility to donate to the musicians (or their families) featured in the "field recordings section". As a giveaway in return of any donation, I offer four zipped audio albums for download. If anybody cannot donate for whatever reason and nonetheless likes to download the albums for more conveniently enjoying them, that's all right. ... s-in-mali/