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By drtom
Hey Djembefolks,

I've got an 11" ashiko I want to skin with cow skin. So, what's the problem?

Believe it or not, I'm having trouble locating an appropriate cow skin, and I have a L O N G list of providers. Any suggestions? I should specify that an American source would keep costs down and speed things up.

I'll spare you some typing and tell you that I've tried the obvious - Drumskull Drums (completely out), Djembe Drums and Skins (South American, more like calf), Wula Drums (won't take Paypal and I don't do plastic) and Djembe Direct's website seems to be on the fritz.

I can't believe this. I'm having trouble locating cow skin. Not elephant skin. I have two American bison hides on hand waiting to be mounted on a powow drum, but I can't get a hold of cow skin.

What the?

Whew! It's good to vent every now and then.
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By drtom
So I'm going to rave about Manito Percussion for a minute.

I telephoned Ryan (owner) and spoke very briefly with him. I say briefly because Ryan understood me perfectly and there was no need for elaborate explanations. I told him the thickness I needed and the use I had in mind. Ryan asked no questions whatsoever - he knew exactly what I was talking about. Turns out Manito Percussion builds ashikos.

One thing I mentioned was that I was working under a deadline. Ryan literally responded within minutes. He sent me an invoice and had the skin shipped within an hour or two of my payment. Does anyone out there understand this?

The skin was on its way to me within two hours of my call!

An it was a fine skin. Exactly what I had in mind. A bit on the expensive side but well within the ballpark. I'll pay it again without reservation.

The drum adored the skin and as soon as my client receives the restored drum I know he's going to adore his new ashiko. Sweet, sweet voice.