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By Jorg
Hi everybody!

I'm a male guy (1m80 high) and I want to buy my first djembé because I'm going to start lessons for playing this wonderful instrument. As you guess, I'm a total virgin and have no idea which djembé would be the best buy for a beginner like me.

I've heard (or better read on the internet) that a djembé under 150€ is worthless. Though I'm a beginner I don't want to spend more than 200 - 250€. I also read that the real deal (wooden case and goat drumsheet) produces better sound than the synthetic ones but I have no idea if I can buy one around the price I mentioned before.

Can you pro's please give me some advice on what would be the best buy for me? I'm allready very thankful for al the advice!

Maybe it's helpful to know that I live in Belgium, Europe.

Kind regards!
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By Michel
Hi Jorg, where do you live in Belgium? I'm from Amsterdam, know some djembe players in Belgium, mainly Antwerp. You must be able to find something that suits with the budget. It's best to start with the real thing, you're right, a wooden drum with a goat skin. By the way not all drums under €150,- are bad. You can be lucky!
By Jorg
Hi Michel, I also live in Antwerp. Can you (or your Antwerp friends) recommend some good brands of a djembé or a shop in (or near) Antwerp where they can give me some good advice? Thanks in advance!

Greets, Jorg
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By djembefeeling
If you can make to Groningen, you would be happy with the stock Stiggelbout has to offer. You can pick the best djembe you can find from roughly 200 in stock. and you would also be happy about the comparatively little money you would have to spend for it :)
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By Michel
Groningen-Antwerp is a 300 km, I guess. Less far than Mali or Guinee. And a good idea. And when you get to Groningen, try to plan that in the weekend of 7/8/9/10th of august, and take your new djembe to the island of Schiermonnikoog to meet around 100 djembe and dance friends and the best (african) teachers of the moment: see for details.

And Jorg, I send you a PM with details of my friend Axel, who teaches on a ship near Antwerp and is a really nice guy who is for sure willing to help you further.

Good luck!