Advice and questions on keeping your instruments in top form
By Dji
Hi everyone,

I have a moth invasion on my drums collection, It affects those drums that have animal hairs (goat, antelope or cow):

Especially Dunduns, and my tall congolese drum I brought back from Kinshasa,

I've tried a few solutions:

Thorough cleaning with delicatly used soap, using vacuum cleaner to remove the larvas, throwing the vacuum cleaner bag afterwards

I even built a big cedar shelf for my drums and put cedar essential oil all around it. It smells good, but does not work.

When I clean all the moth and larvaes, they always come back one month or so afterwards.

I am at this point where I want to use Chemicals.... (not my first choice definitly)

Did anyone experience that problem before?

Any ideas or suggestions of solutions?
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By Beerfola
I took all of my drums to a house that was being tent fumigated for termites. Worked like a charm. No harm to the drums or skins that I have been able to detect. I had tried everything imaginable before that. Enclosing the drum in a large garbage bag with some dry ice for a few days will starve them of oxygen and should kill them in all their growth stages. Do a search for web clothing moth and do your research. They are a PAIN to get rid of.
By Dji
Ok thanks for the idea.... I have a very isolated room and my basment and could put all my drums there and try fumigating them.

I have to find the right product!