Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By ex-tract
Hello all,

I'm from Castelló, Spain.
I play darbuka/doumbek mainly but also a bit of bongos.
Been looking to get a djembe for ages and a few days ago a friend gave me her 8 inch unplayed djembe which she has had 20 years, it's a bit small for me (6'3) but it's a start.

I'm here to discover everything I can, having just got online I'm currently flooded with ideas and hungry for more.
Seems like you have a lovely community and as I only play alone (so far) it could be nice to be connected a bit.
Lots of neighbour problems mean I go to a dirty tunnel by a river to play. Sounds amazing there and with a view of mountains in the distance. Lucky. :)
As its dirty I have been playing darabuka standing with a strap like a djembe between the legs, so adapting shouldn't be too difficult I hope.

I lived in Brighton UK for a few years and there was a guy busking by the west pier everyday on a huge djembe that had the most amazing sound.
The edge sounds had a loose "chock" that I have never heard before or since.
I feel inclined to hunt down "that" sound...
I have been looking at a 11 inch djembe in my local shop which is the only decent-ish one in this town afaik (80 euros) but it isn't anywhere near and is basically the same as this 8 incher but with better separation.
Have searched online but I'd prefer to find a "maker" in Spain if poss. I would like to touch it before I bought it etc and also likely won't be spending much more than 150 as I'm as tight as a gnat's chuff...ahem.

Thanks for reading through all that.

All the best!!!

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By djembeweaver
Hi Michael! Well this is a good place to look for advice om amything djembe-related. Also there are loads of good videos and other resources so you can find the style that turns you on.

I used to live in Brighton, but that was a long time before I discovered djembe...

By ex-tract
Hi Jon,

Just found you on youtube... 8)
Gonna be very useful.


By djembeweaver
ex-tract wrote:Hi Jon,

Just found you on youtube... 8)
Gonna be very useful.



By djembeweaver
Is the 'chock' sound you refer to the tone (played properly)?

When you first hear it done by a djembfola it sounds like magic...the way it explodes and then collapses in on itself.

By ex-tract
No I don't think so.
One day he let me touch it quickly and I was able to generate this 'chock' sound just tapping the edge with little effort/know-how.
I appreciate there must be some 'blame the tool before practising' posts...I hope I'm not doing that.
There is a fairly big tonal difference between drums from what little experience I have.
Felt like there was a mesh or something under the edge, v different to others i have touched. Wider and almost flexible/hollow.

I read elsewhere you said 350 euros is about right for a decent djembe?
Have seen on Djembe Direct and elsewhere various lovely ones around that price.
I will save up unless I find someone locally.
Something with beautiful sounds where the only bottleneck is me...

Seeing your vid tonight: Bass, tone, tompalo, slap. It sounded quite a lot different to the tone in that although on youtube through a laptop is hardly a fair comparison + rose-tinted ears...
Very interesting video btw, tomorrow gonna have a go with this little drum.
Impressed with the 4 distinct sounds you have there accentuating different harmonics.

By davidognomo
Hi Michael.

There is a lot of people playing in Spain. I used to be part of a social network called Senkola, for west african music and events in Spain only, but I believe that network is down. They have a facebook page, Senkola Anke Dje Anke Be. Try asking there about djembes to sell. Last october some guys came from Sevilla along with Aly Soumah, who is living there, and they had a djembe or two for sale. One of them was really nice, but at 350, I think. Search also for the Babaniko Stage facebook page also, they do an anual workshop there with Mamady or with some of his musicians and other great djembefolas, and I believe it is near where you're based. I'm sure that with a minimum web research you will find someone to hook up with to play or to buy a djembe from, or to have classes with.
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By Waraba
...and get a 14" djembe, at your height, I think (at least).
By ex-tract
djembeweaver wrote:Is the 'chock' sound you refer to the tone (played properly)?

When you first hear it done by a djembfola it sounds like magic...the way it explodes and then collapses in on itself.

Listening to your vid through proper speakers now and that is pretty much the sound, his was tuned lower is the main difference I think.
So... I just need to find a quality 14" Djembe.

By ex-tract
Hello again!
I found someone selling online in May 2016, and bought an incredible 14" djembe from Guinee.
Thanks to the advice and infinite patience of the seller I eventually worked out how to tune her, now she sings and I'm in love.
I've attached a picture.
All the very best to you all!
my lady_sml.jpg
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