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By music
I am relocating back to the US and am seeking drummers interested in creating a tight trio for small gigs, busking at festivals, walking malls...people committed to the anytime, anywhere idea...advanced level drumming...

I will be based in Lynchburg, VA and Asheville, NC. My principle instruments are djembe, kassonke-style dununba, n'tamani, calabash, ballet-style dununs, krin, cajon, bongo cajon, and kamale-n'goni. I spent 11 years in west Africa studying and performing with urban and village musicians and have an extensive repertoire of knowledge and arrangements.

I am looking for someone in the SE region or someone interested to relocate. Yes I will help you get on your feet. If you are committed in your other career you are not our person. If you are passionate about doing whatever it takes to play with top level, professional people then this is your group.

You will be making money, but you will also probably need to find some part time work like we all do. I will help you with a place to crash. You don't need a car but may want one.We enjoy free spirited, yet RESPONSIBLE and SAFE people, no addicts, but no one with hangups about drinkers and smokers.

I teach, deliver workshops, lecture at universities, and sub to pay the bills. My band tours, I busk with djembe and an african harp. That is my scene. If you want to be a part of that, tour, play at great festivals and mountain locations, happening walking malls, record a new album, all of that is what I do.

We are now recording our 4th album in Europe. The first three were recorded in west Africa. Many people talk about what they want to do. We are on a committed path to accomplishing our goals, setting new ones, and accomplishing those as well.

Let me know if you are interested. :) Peace...