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By weeble
A couple years ago I bought a Toca Synergy djembe, and due to an unfortunate accident it now has a big split down the middle of the goatskin head. From my understanding it is hard to find someone to replace the head on a rope-tuned djembe, and the cost would be more than what I paid for it in the first place ~$60.
The only thing I could think to do with it is turn it into some sort of small table. The head is 8" diameter.
What other uses are there for a broken djembe?
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By rachelnguyen
Hi Weeble,

Welcome to the forum! I am sorry about your drum. It is true that a new head would probably run you about $100 to get installed. You might consider trying to do the job yourself. A skin is relatively inexpensive and learning on a small drum is easier. The skills you aquire will stay with you forever!

Another option is to check out some of the local music programs, or consider donating the drum to a school or civic organization. For example, I volunteer as a drumming facilitator at a homeless drop in shelter and am always looking for donated drums... in any condition. I am more than happy to repair one! Maybe there is something like that in your area.

I hope you find something good to do with your drum!

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By the kid
Fire wood ?? :giggle:

You could try and fix it your self if you can find some where to get a skin. Usually an off cut will fit a drum of this size.
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By Waraba
They can definitely be used as a small table, especially a bed-side table. My father and I were brainstorming ideas like this 20 years ago when we got back from Mali. I've seen them casually used as a mousepad, and it would be a good repository for mail and keys when you first get in the house. If you put a planter dish beneath it, you can use it as an umbrella stand and then you don't need to replace the skin at all. If you turn it upside-down, I think it would make a nice lamp in some way. And, of course, if you're artistically minded, it can become part of a wonderful sculpture.

But the best use, in my mind, is the one for which it was intended.
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By Waraba
The ostrich egg is the largest single cell in the world.
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By Waraba
Ask Michi. I bet those guys eat those things all the time.
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By Waraba
In NYC we eat 'gator eggs from the sewers.
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By michi
Waraba wrote:Ask Michi. I bet those guys eat those things all the time.
Yeah, just had one last week. Fed the entire family. Three generations, 14 people ;)

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By Waraba
rachelnguyen wrote: Nyuck nyuck.
It's pronounced, "New Yolk, NY."