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Post links to uploaded videos or you tube and lets discuss them.
michi wrote:Are you in those videos, Jürgen?
I wish I were, it seems to be a nice group. Alas, I never met Gerhard Kero nor his group. He is offering an interesting apprenticeship with all kinds of matters regarding djembe drumming in Vienna and I thought about joining classes (Rainer Polak is doing the theory blocks there). But its crazy to go all the way to Vienna for the weekends (I am not used to regular long distance trips like you guys in Australia or the USA) and the classes with Rainer in Northern Germany are really sufficient.

Still, Gerhard Kero and his work is becoming increasingly interesting for me since I started to learn the rhythms from Mali. As far as I know he is one of the first to go to Bamako and to study the music first hand. I think he has more than 20 years of experience in that style by now, working a lot with Drissa Koné, and you can hear that in his djembekan on Manjanin for the first 2 minutes of the second video. I thought others would like this, too, so I posted it here.