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By cobra
Hey All,

I posted this topic on another forum, but now I see it's more appropriate here.

I've come into the possession of old an balafon from Camaroon, or, more precisely, the parts of an old balafon from Camaroon. You know the balafon I'm talking about - no legs, generally played at waist level strapped around the shoulders. My hope is to restore it to it's original state.

I'm pretty handy, so I can probably figure out how to put it back together, but if anyone has pictures or instructions you'd be willing to share - that would be awesome. I'm generally pretty good at research, but I've had no luck finding any information out there.

Thanks in advance,
By cobra
Thanks dleufer,

I'll see if I can get a hold of one. The thing is that Ali Keita is from the Ivory Coast, and the balafon I'm trying to restore is from Camaroon. There are differences.

Thanks again,