Find other drummers nearby or on your travels.
Open to all levels of djembe players. 1st-timers are welcomed!

30 Apr - 2 May 2011 EARLY-BIRD PRICE: S$350 before 18 Apr

» Engage in Djembe Soloing, Dunun Playing, Ensemble Creation & Jamming!
» Workshop by mangrove and lagoon area.
» Great company of like-minded people in rustic environment!

In its 3rd year running, this annual drum camp workshop gathers all djembe players and enthusiasts together in a rustic setting on an island off Singapore. Traveling to the eastern tip of Singapore and embarking on a breezy ferry ride to the lay back haven that’s Pulau Ubin, is sort of an annual ‘pilgrimage’ for all Singapore djembe drummers as they seek to put aside the daily mental fatigue and soak themselves in alluring rustic environment with enchanting African rhythms!


Kelvin Kew belongs to an international circle of elite djembe performers/teachers, who have studied the art of African drumming under grandmaster Mamady Keita in West Africa.

Since establishing Lîla Drums in 2004, Kelvin has taught hundreds of students how to play the djembe. Besides holding the artistic director position for Lîla Drums Ensemble, Kelvin also leads South East Asia’s premier djembe performance group, Fanka Fellas.