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How do you rate Siyara Manden Mansa by Billy Nankouma Konate? (login to rate)

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By bubudi
Siyara Manden Mansa.jpg
front cover - nankouma's 'siyara manden mansa'
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1. Djaa (4:28)
2. Dunungbe (4:26)
3. Fakoli (4:25)
4. Geberedu (9:47)
5. Gidamba (5:35)
6. Ikankodota - Kassa (4:04)
7. Kawa (4:43)
8. Konkoba (4:45)
9. Mendiani (3:20)
10. Soli (5:33)
11. Soliba (3:44)
12. Soliwulen (6:18)
sample track - kawa
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By Dugafola
this album is very good. it's Billy's best effort to date as far as substance and production.
billy's playing is very much in the pocket on all tracks. dunun playing is pretty good although the sangban player makes a mistake when he tries to chauffe for djaa.

the track list includes a lot of standards with fakoli and gberedu/sankaranba being the exception.

my only criticism is that the vox are too high in the mix and 2nd soloist is barely audible.
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By michi
I just ordered the CD (from Wasn't that easy to find--there don't seem to be many places that stock it.

While searching, I found mention of the CD on Uschi Billmeier's site. Apparently, Billy has also made a companion teaching DVD, but I can't find details about that anywhere. Does anyone have any info on the DVD?


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By Dugafola

let me know what you think about it.

i met billy in 2005 and he was very nice and hospitable. he then came thru the US last year on a brief tour that i ended up missing.

my friend in portland had him play for his dance class and said his playing was super sweet. very much in the pocket, conversing with duns, spitting trad. language and hitting all the marks with style. he's had some of the best play for his class too: Mamady, Bolokada, Karamba etc etc.