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By kaya
Hi, new to drumming. I have been attending a drumming circle near to where I live and enjoying every second, although my hands are taking a bit of a beating! Hope they harden up with time. Have been experimenting with the djembe and the bougarabou, also the dundun (Is that how it's spelled?) Glad I have found this place and looking forward to spending time here picking your collective brains. ;)
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By michi
Welcome to the forum! You'll find tons of useful information here.

Yes, it's spelled "dundun", but the middle "d" is silent. See the video in this post for a discussion on how to pronounce it.


By bubudi

the way for your hands to build up resistance is to play often. i'd recommend playing softer until that begins to happen.

my understanding is that dundun (with the 'd' pronounced) is the susu word for the dununba (big bass drum), and you'll also hear it used to refer to the 3 bass drums together (particularly in vertical style). in malinke and bamana the word dunun refers generally to the bass drums and the d is not pronounced or included in the spelling.

btw, you don't want to know what kaya means in malinke. :giggle:
By kaya
bubudi wrote:btw, you don't want to know what kaya means in malinke. :giggle:

Ohoh! Not sure I like the sound of that. :o Nothing too rude I hope, it's not too late to change my name is it?

I chose it because the drum circle I attend is run by a charity called Afrikaya and I liked the sound of kaya.
By bubudi
i can always change it for you, but not to worry, most folks here wouldn't know what it means in malinke :) so i won't write it here. but among rastafarians, kaya refers to the herb.