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By michi
Wow, that's definitely avant-garde goni :) Amazing! I think the Jimi Hendrix analogy is very apt indeed! :)


By bubudi
cheers for this, paul!

sometimes he makes that kamelengoni sound like a fula flute.
he's definitely borrowed some guitar techniques from jimi and others! i hadn't seen someone pulling harmonics on a kamelengoni before!
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By Michel
When the jelimuso starts to sing on this soundsystem it might give some headaches, but with the kamalen'goni it has some advantages. Great stuff.
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By bops
Sweet video... that's some nice n'goni playing. However, his technique isn't completely unorthodox. Unlike Burkina-style kamale n'goni, Wassulu-style playing uses a lot of harmonics, muted strings and other effects. You'll see that flashy style fairly often at weddings and such. I can definitely see the comparison to Jimi, though... :afro:
By VagabonTribe
Vieux was a great musician. I had the opportunity to play percussion behind him on a number of occasions. Yes, most musicians, even with the Toumani Diabate crowd, saw Vieux as a revolutionary. Unfortunately he died in 2006.

You can get the real deal as far as avante garde technique goes with Justin Perkins from Toubab Krewe. Justin stayed with me on two different occasions in Mali and possibly put in the most time with Vieux of any foreigner before his death. Just has had the praises of numerous accomplished musicians as being one of the few who can play like Vieux. Added to his own musical knowledge Justin is re-revolutionizing the instrument again.

Catch last week's concert by Vagabon Tribe at the CCF in Nouakchott Mauritania: