Advice and questions on keeping your instruments in top form
By davidognomo
doesn't anyone here uses to put a cloth up the gem, covering the sound hole, evoiding humidity entrance through that end of the drum? I mean, beside something to cover the top of the drum.
By callywally
hello, what i use to keep the djembe volume sounds lower, as i can hear my neighbours break wind, is by wearing a cheap pair of woolley gloves which i find better than tea towel tricks. in the colder months out doors they work very well till im warmed up then i go bare back.
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By Dugafola
Djembe-nerd wrote:I have started covering the skin with cotten towel and tie it tight against the shell just below the rings when I store them or put them in the bag to take outside. I think that it will protect it from direct humidity, which is a lot where I live.

I know djembe hats are made for this but my djembe wont fit in the bag with a djembe hat. Also I saw Md. Diaby doing this, he was using a cloth.

Does any one also do the same, and should it be towel or cloth.
this doesn't surprise me about Mohammed Diaby. He sweats!!! and his hands sweat too! he killed a skin during a conference dance class in oakland a view years back.
By gottadrum462
Hi people! I really like the chamois idea. Any body have any guesses about how much moisture those can absorb before they make the heads damp, again?
I sew, so I want to make something I can put on my drum, when I take her camping ...
Also, what do ya think about making a cover to fit the bottom? I'm figuring moisture comes up from the bottom just as easy, but idk. Just wondering if there's any benefit there..
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By michi
A cover won't do much (if anything at all) to prevent moisture from getting into the skin. The skin will adjust to ambient humidity, no matter what cover you put on it. The best way to prevent it from absorbing too much humidity is to keep the drum in a reasonably air-tight bag, and to leave it in there until the humidity drops again.