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By bubudi
mare sanogo was born in 1951 in makono, a village located west of bamako in mali. he is of the maninka ethnic group, the son of a farmer. he would guard the plantations from the trees and play music to pass the time with kolokolos (krins) which also come in handy for chasing away monkeys, goats and other animals which like to graze on the young shoots of the yield.

he refined his skills playing during farming festivities, weddings, births, circumcisions and mask dances.
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mare sanogo in concert with the ballet national du mali
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at 15 years of age he was discovered by the director of the national ballet of mali who recruited him. he left his village to move to bamako where he began rehearsing daily, travelling to performances across the country and also meeting many ethnic groups which inhabit mali and learning their rhythms. the ballet would stay in several villages. when the villagers finished their work, the musicians and dancers took part in traditional ceremonies and learned rituals, dances and music.

the national ballet toured in throughout africa, usa, canada, most of europe, israel, china, japan and korea. mare performed with them as first soloist.

in 1981, after 15 years with the ballet, mare settled in paris where he teaches and performs. he has participated in many festivals including africolor, the feast of humanity, wintertime in avignon, africajar, jazz festival in pau and the percussion festival in reunion island (djembe is very popular there).

in 1994 he released his solo album, fourasi

fourasi - 2004, follow me records
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tracks: di, fourasi, yere kao, tourela makono, sigui, terriya, nioro, djonte bali, tanta, adiarra, kaarta, sindi kaarta.

he has collaborated with cheick tidiane seck, dee dee bridgewater, hank jones, jean michelle jarre, louis cesar ewande and numerous others.

hank jones & cheick tidiane seck, sarala
sarala - 1996 verve
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tracks: aly kawele, sarala, maningafoly, tounia kanibala, komidiara, fantague, make, walidi ya, soundjata, hank miri, hadja fadima, moriba ka foly

dee dee bridgewater, red earth

red earth - 2007 emarcy
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tracks: afro blue, bad spirits (banilla dream mix), dee dee, mama don't ever go away (mama digna sara ye), long time ago, children go 'round (demissenw), the griots (sakhodougou), oh my love (djarabi), four women, no more (bamboo), red earth (massane cisse), meanwhile, compared to what.

master of percussion (vol. 2, 3 & 5)
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master of percussion - 2004, 2005 & 2008, follow me records
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louis cesar ewande, percussion ensemble
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percussion ensemble - 1988 bleu citron
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tracks: percussion ensemble, kakilambe, epizo, diabana introduction, diabana, mandiani

through all his travel and collaboration, mare is a very diverse, well rounded musician. he has a restrained playing style loaded with subtlety and finesse. he is one of the most knowledgeable masters in the traditions of the various ethnic groups of mali as a result of his contact and learning with those cultures during his ballet career. he is also a composer, dancer, arranger and teacher.