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By Michel
Hello everybody,

Does anybody know a djembéfola from Mali called Moussa Diabaté? My teacher Moussé Dramé and I were talking about inspiring djembéplayers and he met and played with him about 15 years ago in Senegal. He would love to get in touch with him again, as they could get along very well. We think he probably is in the United States. Moussé's brother Baba Dramé, who lives in the States in Vermont, saw him play probably there about three/four years ago. He must be around 36 years of age, according to Moussé.
It might be great when somebody had heard about him, and even greater to get in touch!

By bubudi
hi michiel

there are a lot of people called moussa diabate. this makes it a little difficult. diabate is not really a djembefola name - it's a djeli (griot) name and it's only in recent times that djeliw are getting into the djembe. i know of only one djembefola called moussa diabate and he is living in texas, but he is from guinea, not mali. he did work with ballet silimbo in senegal for a while, though. i guess you should ask your teacher to check out his pictures on the link above and see if he recognises him. he also has a myspace page. your teacher waited a long time to try to get in contact with him! ;)
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By Michel
Hi Bubudi,

Thanks for the quick reply. I googled with the name, found some bala-players and indeed the one from Guinea. Moussé is also from a jeli-family, and playing djembé as is his brother Kissima Diabaté.

your teacher waited a long time to try to get in contact with him!
Yes,it was one of this conversations after class about organising the weekendworkshop I told about earlier and who to invite as teachers.
At once he started to talk about this Moussa. With great memories about them playing together in Senegal and staying in the same house. But I realise there must be an anormous amount of Moussa Diabaté's.

Thanks. Michiel