Post links to uploaded videos or you tube and lets discuss them.
By Davidjembe
Harouna Dembele is the top young djembefola out there I love that guy! I want to go to France or Burkina and go do a workshop with him he is the man :D

Hi Dugafola! I have a question for you. In response to your post about listening to Harouna's CD... Is that one called Landa :shock: ? Actually anything newer than the Yelemba album that features Harouna I am dying to get my hands on!!!! How did you get new Harouna??

Thanks!! Hope you all enjoy the weekend and get to play lots of djembe and dunun!

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By the kid
That's why we love him

He's got great stage presence and lots of experience. Seems to motivate band very well and he can sing. He has everything. I'm sure the girls are like :o .... :lol:

Great to see Djembefolas of this quality and style touring and making a name for them selves. We need more guys coming up. We know the talent is there in abundance.