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By silviuj
heres a new site and artist that i recently found, his name is Stephan Rigert, .I got the album Different Colors Vol1 and it is a nice combination to listen to,it has all the nice instruments combined.
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By michi
I have three of his instructional book/CD combinations.
  • "Solotechniken für Handtrommler" This comes with two CDs, one for 4/4 and one for 6/8 rhythms. Not really rhythms on these, but drills you can pracice. Various patterns and rolls that can be incorporarted into solos. Basically, drills to make you stronger rhythmically.
  • "Djemberhythmen Aus Mali" Also comes with two CDs. Recorded with Drissa Kone, this is an instructional book for various rhythms. Drissa plays nice solos at a speed that allows you to learn them.
  • "Westafrikanische Djembe Rhythmen" Instructional CD for a bunch of rhythms and another performance CD with the same rhythms.
All three are high-quality teaching material. I haven't fully explored them yet, but they are definitely among the better publications of their kind.