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By the kid
Duga i think that Harouna is playing with one brother in that gig in the Henri Mattisse theatre in Bobo. Paul this the gig you were at too?. Looked Savage. I seen it again, and oh how good it is. Nice to see the artists with an African crowd. the production and sounds is good in that theatre too. .3 Singers/ Dancers shaking there bits and singing beautifully. 2 Balafons, 2 calabash djembes, 1 support djembe and 2 dundun players. Melodic and beautiful mausic and fast and crazy towards the end. One track with guitar mystro too and Harouna singing a song with out his djembe. nice
By djembeweaver
davidognomo wrote:
djembeweaver wrote: Check this one out by Sidiki Dembele:

wow! That guy is wild. He's almost reaching some kind of new different technique with that speed.
Yeah Sidiki is crazy. When you play accompaniment with him it's like trying to stand up in a hurricane!

That super-fast style does seem to be very much an Ivorian thing though. Check out the last quarter of this Thomas Guei djembe kan (1.07 onwards)
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By Jessie
When I studied with Yelemba D'abidjan in 2001 it was always "harder and faster!"