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By korman
the kid wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:44 pm
Yea just spotted this and the new releases/tutorials from Baaraniogonya. I haven't figured out this new material, but it is in the link here. It is a free resource with a patreon set up to support Sega's family. ... &ph=1&vd=1
I've got my hands full with guinea tradition, so I did not pay much attention to this. I looked at the Patreon page and I'm quite shocked that there's just 3 patrons! That 's a shame, we should all donate a buck or two for the arduous work that JSB is doing ...
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By the kid
I reckon it's all good anyways. I like the fact that some material from Sege is getting preserved and available for people into the future to use. It is a great project.