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By Worcester Djembe
Before I oiled this I thought it was straight lenke but it appears more brown in color with dark brown swoops in the grain. The wood pores look like lenke to me but the coloring is throwing me off. Is it haré?
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By the kid
Hard to day precisely. I'd say lenge or dugura/dimba.

It does look very similar to a Dakar djembe i played recently which was 100% Dimba. Similar carving and shape. The one i played had a more cylindrical base though. Yours has a touch of that. The stem flaired out and then simply went straight down. Nice aesthetic too. It was thick. It sounded awesome, the loudest and cleanest i've heard.

If you want to clean the inside, use some wire wool or a rough sponge. Also If you sand some of the outside and then oil it it might be more identifiable. Need to see more grain to decide which wood it is.

Nice drum anyways.
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By michi
The coarsely-textured grain makes me think that this is Dugura. Hard to be sure though.

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By Dugafola
i say dugura too. I have one dugura piece right now and it sounds amazing. it could be my favorite wood. i think i need another drum to make sure though.