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I also just headed the second drum I’ve been working on with a calf skin as well. It’s a DSD guinea shell and the one I’ve had more issues with slippage so for me that’ll be the true test. It’s a 14”, ended up re-lacing crown with double loop hitches and added 2 more( from 32 to 34) and wrapped flesh ring in grip tape. Pulled hard when wet to really set knots into skin. Did the fold over on this one. Laced up temp. Verts to pull down and wrapped with ace bandage. Came out nice and tight to shell but haven’t trimmed it yet and let it dry too much before trimming so I can tell now it’s going to be a CHORE. Might try and get the lower area where I’m cutting it a little damp to make it easier to cut cuz where it’s at right now it’s super tight to shell and a bit thicker tougher skin than I’m use to trimming. So trying to re-dampen the lower portion to make it easier to cut and a little more pliable is the best solution I can think of at the moment. I definitely don’t wanna end up nicking the verts. Any other suggestions? Possibly some heavy duty kitchen shears? Or using a cloth to dampen the lower portion a bit? I don’t currently own a good pair of shears but willing to if it’ll get the job done cleanly
I ended up dampening the skin to make it easier to cut and boy was it!
I’ll have to remember to not let the skin fully dry next time(which I did remember the first time) but have only done the fold over technique twice, so I’ve learned my lesson as it was still more of a chore than I would of liked, but was able to get a relatively even, clean cut with a normal pair of scissors.
I reckon you should take out diamonds and re-pull verts. Other wise you could end up having too many rows of diamonds putting too much pressure on the ropes and hard to pull diamonds up there. It can be done and if you check ''show me your axe'' thread there are some cow skins in there diamond-ed up to the rings. From the era of when Djembefola was cool.


So you skinned up 2 drums? Looking forward to the result. one 14 inch and the other?

It'll be real interesting how the 14'' turns out. Is that the one that the rings came down too far.

In order to read your threads better it is nice to put in a few enters/returns to distinguish points and make paragraphs if you get my meaning. Are you posting from phone or what. I think thats what dr Tom was getting at. It turns into a stream of consciousness otherwise. Not that i mind but easy to read and reply if in sections.