Other west African instruments, like balafon, ngoni etc.
By irokodjembe
Does anybody know more about set from video, played by second man from right side:

it seems like normal small djembes with goat skin by sound. one obviously much higher but if somebody met this set in africa and know anything more about it, i want make them for my self
i see problem i have only big djembes :) and 45x24 smallest and i think for this reason and sound its too big and will sound ugly
35x20 and smaller is best for this reason propably
thank you tom malina
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By the kid
The clip you posted is from Ivory coast. Maybe the duel mini 'djembe' set up is from there. I've seen some clips of guinean small drums similar shape to djembe too but played by hand and there was up to 5-6 drums in the set.

The rhythm iyour watching is Zaouli. There are a lot of vids up so go check them out if you like this style. I see some other small djembes in other clips.


A real small djembe in action.

I would say that thomann drums don't look the best although they're cheap and readily available.

I'd love a compact djembe that sounds ok. Like properly carved too. Many i see are more touristy really. I reckon cow would do the trick but never seen small djembe with cow.
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By korman
There's also this style

Don't know if its traditional or invented for the show, though.