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My girlfriend is taking part in a three year workshop thing of Billy Konate. They have to prepare the duns for a rhythm called Solo. At first I thought it is a typo and they meant Soro. But this seems not to be the case. It is not that different for it is also in the typical Kassa structure, but it is not the same rhythm.

Does anybody have more information about that rhythm like variations and solo patterns for Solo?
o.k., here a little review: basically the book has all you will learn at a typical Famoudou or Billy workshop - up to 3 variations for dangban and dundun with chauffpattern, 4-5 djembesolopattern plus an intro/outro and a song. Some information about the rhythm and its ocasion in German/English. rhythms as you can see above.
korman wrote:This morning I was driving and listening to "Rhythmen der Malinke", and I realized that the "Solo" song is sung on track#8 "Kassa"!
so then it's a Kassa! nice
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By korman
The song, yes. But the rhythm in the book is probably a modern invention. In the Rhythmen der Malinke track they have the downbeat kenkeni, dundunba is different too and sangban is difficult to hear.