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By Dugafola

Dr. Djo Bi's has released a new disc entitled Topalon.

1. AhnTi Zra
2. Gbe Gbe
3. Boloye
4. Zaouly
5. N'Gouron
6. Topalon

you can order it off itunes or here:

my take:
it's great to hear this guy play. there's a recording floating around that's supposedly mislabled as a Djo Bi album but that has since been confirmed that it wasn't him. although short in length, there's some really quality stuff here.

this is a great representation of ivorienne percussion that's also very digestable. dununs, jembe, and bell patterns are very clear. His mastery of topalo slap is also on full display...the last track is nasty. it's great to hear arrangments of gbegbe, boloye and n'goron, 3 rhythms that have been recorded by other artists, but these particular arrangements are more familiar to my ears. and of course there's zaouly - always a treat to hear the different breaks.

it's cheap. buy it.
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By Dugafola
cool, kid.

i finally met djo bi a couple years ago and have been lucky enough to bring him to town a few times a year. he taught a zaouli dance class earlier this past year. pretty cool.
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By the kid
That must have been cool alright. Very unique djembe style.

I found some interview and dance instruction to Zaouli on utube before but lost it again. Maybe you know who was doing it. The guy was well spoken like a professor with a suit and specs. He was doing a kind of presentation of Zaouli on a stage as well without the coustume. He seemed to be touring in the US. I was wondering was there some connection with Djo Bi.
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By Dugafola
hmmm...doesn't jog the memory. there are a ton of ivorienne artists based on the east coast who i have never met. i'll be at camp fareta all next week and there's a guy coming this year who is supposedly gouro by the name of Atito. the music should be off the hinges with blibi gore and bassidi also there.
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By the kid
I don't think that is the guy. Looks bigger and younger. Awesome dancer though. Fareta sounds a treat.

Atito Gori, Dance
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By batadunbata
I love Dr Djo Bi! He has such a positive fun vibe. Thanks Dugafola for noting his album release.

He made me fall in love with Djalla with this video, ripping articulate tones out of it. Check it:
(drumskulls demo on youtube)

Here he demos a Lenke, very playful performance:

And playing with Bolokada Conde (both Lenke Djembes), and Joshua Stradtman on DunDuns:
Note how he lifts the others with his spirit, it's irresistible, Bolokada's grinning away.

P.S.: No, I'm not affiliated with drumskulls in any way. I find this kind of recording useful to really hear and see technique properly. Stage recordings are often noisy, with the camera far away/blurry. Plus he played that Djalla like nobody's business, so I went on a binge of his demos.