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Is there a way to stay up on who's going to be in town, without going to each and every Djembefola's personal Facebook page?

I just missed out on Basside Kone performing and teaching in my hometown (Oakland CA).
But I only know because Dougafola mentioned he's there now (Santa Cruz CA)

I'd hate to miss another opportunity, but I don't really know how to prevent it.
Thanks Dugafola.
Will you post an event announcement on the forum?

I'd love to go to that event, but I think it might be out of my depth. I watched videos of his workshops on youtube, and he's extremely skilled and knowledgeable.
Last night I watched a talk by Mamady Keita, which made me realize I'm a know-nothing westerner with nontraditional/wayward practice under my belt, who needs to go back to basic training.
If only there was a music school for djembe/dunun around here...
(As wonderful as the video resources are online (much gratitude) I find it a lot more challenging to focus on videos than learn from someone in person. But private lessons are too expensive for me)