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Hey guys,

I wonder if anyone can help with this. When I browse the forum, I see numerous references to links, videos, audio, etc. that people seem to have uploaded to their posts. I can't see any of them though. I just see empty white space where I assume the links or uploads are. Anyone know how to resolve this? I tried different browsers with no change, and looked in "Settings" on Google Chrome and didn't see anything that was obviously causing this. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
hey folk, sorry for the delay in a solution to this.

I think the cause is the fact that the video embed solution we were using for years stopped working in the newer versions of Chrom. I changed the embed solution to a new one, but any posts that are still using the old solution will not work.

I think the solution is to update all existing posts manually in the database, but I want to do this wehn I have enough time to make backups and take my time as I need to make sure I don't mess up the database :)

So thanks your patience with this. I hope to have it fixed in the coming days...