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By Tanuki93
I have a Djembe for beginners. I lastly noticed, that when I bounced to the center (bass or dum), It is just resonating. I don't know, how to explain It, but It sounds, like You struck on cajon. But, this is not very big sound. It sounds, like snare. I haven't professional microphone, which can record It and also, I am not english native speakers.
Please, could You help me?
Thank You alot.
Marco Oros
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By boromir76
Hello. Can you be more specific on what kind, origin and size of djembe you are playing? "Djembe for beginners" is to broad and hard to define term. Is djembe head tightened enough?

Without better deffinition of bass note or sound sample, it's hard to imagine how could bass note on djembe sound similar as more or less very high pitched staccato sounding snare drum with wire net on bottom head.

My wild guess would be that there is maybe some fibres or something similar sticking out or touching bottom surfice of djembe head and vibrating when struck and thus giving the bass sound some strange buzzing overtones. This is plausable mainly in the case the head is from animal skin, not synthetic....
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By drtom
More information would definitely help. What size is the drum? Goat skin, synthetic or some other? How tight is the skin? What type of shell?

Even an amateur quality video or audio recording might be helpful. Without more info all you can really expect from us is random speculation.