Discuss traditional rhythms, singing etc
By pernordesjo
I have been exploring Senegalese rhythms for the past 10 yrs. In my opinion, the names of rhythms are very fluid - basically, you will get a different answer from each person you ask. But never mind, just keep drumming and remember what the rhythm is called by the one you are playing with...
By Paul
In my experience Senegalese teachers can be very liberal with naming rhythms. I've seen kuku called kailambe, which are very far apart as rhythms go. A few guys from the national ballet of guinea probably went up in the 60's after independence and it has been chinese whispers ever since. I went to a drum festival in Dakar a few years back. There were 7 bands doing their interpretations of rhythms like yankadi makru. There was only one band of young guys actually playing sabar.
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