Discuss traditional rhythms, singing etc
By Paul
Hi Guys,

As you may know I play kamele ngoni in a wassalou style group. I have been explaining some african rhythm sensibilities to the group to make the music more polyrhythmic. eg. I had the 2 guitars playing accomp 1 and 2 from soko. It works well and is very different approach to have these short lines over the longer rhythms, say dunun on drumkit and bass playing sanban.

I heard korejuga played on djembe and bass on seckou keitas album.
This is all drums playing koroduga though lobi traore is an electric guitar player. Song seems to have similar melody line as mamadys komodenu with different lyrics.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLKTEJO ... JO8cQ0#t=0

I took a line like sinte for the drums and bass to use on this version of djina musso.

Though I do just love dununs with guitar also. Like Ikadigne by djelimady tounkara which obviously has djansa in there.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ85FBQ ... lYeN18xs34

Have you guys come across any other good examples of artists using dunun/djembe style approaches to drum/guitar/bass? I'm just thinking its nice to look out of the box for inspiration sometimes.


You mean like this?


perhaps not really what you are looking for, but so nice:


It happens often in Africa, less though in the Western world. You might like these?





I really like you bands versions. The singer is just great. I also think we already had this topic a couple of years ago, by James I guess.

Lately I am experimenting with the different dundunba-bell lines on faso denous second accompaniment on the kamelen ngoni (the one that plays two notes straight towards the beat). It sounds so good...