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By ilbub
I was gifted a djembe with a very light colored shell, but it is very heavy! I can't find any information about a wood type that matches this. Any ideas?
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By batadunbata
That's a bit puzzling because the pale woods tend to also be lightweight, such as Melina and White Tweneboa. (W. Twen. is from a young Twen. tree)
Shell thickness is an important factor, is the shell thick or thin? (1/2" is thin, 2/3-3/4 is normal, 1"+ is thick)
Thicker shell indicates a lighter softer wood, and obviously makes it heavier than a thin shell.
Iroko can be pale, but it's not particularly heavy, but I think it's heavier than Melina or W. Twen.

It might be helpful if you can post a closeup of the shell exterior, with good lighting to show the grain. I wasn't able to identify mine that way, because some can look like each other (mine could be Lenke or Iroko because they have similar patterns), but it could help narrow it down, and you just might be able to get a match.

(This is assuming it's an African djembe, but if it's from Asia or Indonesia it would be lathe turned with either a perfect smooth interior or a tightly spiraling lathe mark. They can be made out of good wood, but the smooth surface causes ringiness and according to Michi reduces differentiation between the tone, slap and bass, so it might be worth carving/dremmling/etching some gently sloping spiral gauges in it)
By bighammer
Is it imported? I just turned one from a maple log, and it's on the pale side. It is heavy, dense wood though.
By bighammer
Here's my first one: Heavy maple shell
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