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By HempGod
Yo man, I just bought my first djembe a few weeks ago, I have read that there are a lots of kind according to the wood type and origin. I also saw lot of websites which shows the different djembes based on its shell/wood.

Kindly help me identify what kind of wood (probably) was used on my djembe and where do my djembe came from. Please refer to the photos of my djembe attached herewith.

Thanks a lot, and more power to the people who keep on helping new djembefolas. :rasta:
djembe  forum 02.jpg
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By boromir76
Hello. My guess would be iroko wood, but I am far from shure on that one... The outside is polished with some thick transparent glossy coating, which changes the overall apearance of the wood a bit, and makes identification even harder.
By HempGod
Thanks for all the people who care to reply, I appreciate it,

I saw a similar drum on the internet with the same carvings and it is made from Dimba wood.

and what about the rope? should i change it? is it a decent drum in your opinion?

btw, crispy, are u the brain behind "the Drum Hut", you got a cool website and drums as well^^
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By Crispy
HempGod wrote:btw, crispy, are u the brain behind "the Drum Hut", you got a cool website and drums as well^^
That's me, yep! Thank you!

If your djembe weighs around 7-8kg, you might be right about dimba. It's certainly got a similar grain, but every dimba shell I've ever worked on has been darker than yours. I had a similar looking Gambian djembe once that I was told was "Ironwood".
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By drtom
After revisiting this thread and taking another look at the pictures I noticed something I missed the first time. In the third picture I think I see the bottom ring sitting on a ledge. From my experience Ghana djembes won't have a ledge, so the drum is probably not from Ghana.
HempGod wrote:and what about the rope? should i change it?
The rope is a coreless weave (typical of Ghana djembes). The material is probably strong and durable, but because it's a coreless weave any damage to the rope will seriously compromise it. I would change it next time you mount a fresh skin.
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By the kid
There'd be more roping if it was a typical Ghanian drum. Also doesn't looks like twenbo. Also different shape.

To me it looks like dimba. But varnished so hard to say for sure.

I don't think weight is irrelevant. It depends on the inner thickness as well as the wood. I've dimba drums between 8 and 12 kilo.