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By michi
As far as I know, this is the first CD Bangouraké recorded after his arrival in Australia.
Tamani "Yonmilabanlo"
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Track list:
  1. Wassalon Soli
  2. Sofa
  3. Alila Mansa
  4. Bolokonondo/Kadan
  5. Yankadi
  6. Moribayassa
  7. Sorsornet
  8. Djole
Spelling of the tracks is as printed on the CD.

[—Edited 19 Apr 2015: added missing Yankadi to track list]

Artists are Mohammed Bangoura, Jimi Dale, Jennifer Dent, Alyx Duncan, John Ellis, Asho Gevo_rgyan, Matthew King, Darryl Lowndes, Rod Redgrave, with Jeremy Cloake as special guest.

The CD shows as the contact address. I also found one source for this CD on the web.


By ngamokai
HI, I am Matthew King and this was recorded in Auckland in one session with no second takes and mixed the following day, 2 day total recording process, in studio.
the CD as stated was recorded in New Zealand not Australia. any questions just ask.