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Hi All,

I've been talking to a carver in Conakry who makes beautiful drums. We've come to a pretty good deal, but I'm a little uneasy with the way he wants to be paid. The only method he will accept is a Western Union transfer of the full amount upfront, before he ships the drums. He has no bank account, I can't use Paypal. I'm struggling to shoehorn some buyer protection into the deal, but it's proved a fruitless search for solutions so far.

I'm convinced that the drums at least exist - he's pretty prompt with sending photos of details that I specify. And the drums are freaking beautiful! His name is Alseny Camara, in case anybody has direct experience with him. My gut instinct is to trust him, but it's a lot of money and if I could only do this deal on a safer platform, I'd be a lot happier!