Find other drummers nearby or on your travels.
By teo
Hi there,

I will live in Fredrikstad, but I'm looking for contacts generally from south Norway - I want to play with people and I'm looking for people who have the experience and equipment to organise one-time djembe workshops for children and possibly team-building workshops for a certain company.

I have googled different phrases with almost no results, there seems to be little going on with djembe playing in Norway, can anyone prove me wrong? Do you know a Norwegian message board dedicated to djembe playing? Cheers
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By Michel
I would look after Sidiki Camara in Oslo. He has experience with workshops, also with children. And he knows the scene, so he could help you out. But he travels a lot....
PM me if you want his contact.

By teo
thanks a lot!

If anyone knew anything about drumming circles / drum meetings in Norway, please write about it...
By Tandberg78
Jeg bor på Karmøy og er også veldig interessert i å komme i kontakt med andre som spiller. Jeg drar til Burkina Faso i desember 2015 og blir etter planen i 6. mnd. Håper noen ser dette og tar kontakt!