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By Michel
Hello all,

Just back from a long weekend in Oslo, where a student of Sidiki Camara had organised a weekend-workshop for interested djembe-students. I knew the man allready from workshops in Holland, organised by djembé-dramé in the summer.
I regret not to spread the word before this took place, because we could have been with some more. About 9 students were there, and in 12 hours Sidiki taught us 3 rhythms, lots of solo-phrases and all in the beautifull Mali-style. Everybody enjoyed it very much, and I would like to recommend Sidiki as a very patient, capable teacher. And in my eyes he is one of the geatest djembefolaw. Aside from playing and teaching, he can answer almost every question about rhythms, origins of them, the real Malian tradition and other Malian music. I am thinking of joining his trip to Mali in january. Next weekend he will be teaching in Belgium, see the website Coryphee.be

By bubudi
yes, sidiki is great and deserves his own video biography here. so, voila!


sidiki camara has travelled the world with the ballet national du mali as the lead soloist. from early in his career he was sought after by toumani diabate, oumou sangere, habib koite, ali farka toure and others. after leaving mali he settled in brussels, working with mamady keita, rokia traore, boubacar traore and gomma percussion. he toured with bill frissell's new quartet and his other group, the intercontinentals. he also toured extensively with habib koite and boubacar traore, as well as rokia traore, mamady keita and sacred steel.

sidiki and fellow ballet du mali veteran madou fane during the anniversary celebrations of the ballet du mali, 7 february 2008.

short exerpt of solo demonstration by sidiki in tel aviv, israel, 2007.

sidiki is not only an amazing djembefola, with a huge knowledge of malian tradition, but also is highly competent on dunun, ntama, balafon, bara, calebasse and congas.

in 2005 he recorded his debut cd, ayouwele, in bamako, also featuring toumani diabate and kasse mady diabate. it was released on lenke music.
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sidiki has also recorded with rokia traore, djelimadi tounkara, boubacar traore, habib koite, super rail band, mamady keita, bill frisell, zap mama and gomma percussions.

sidiki's myspace
sidiki's website
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By Michel
Hi Bubudi

Thanks for the bio. Every time I ask people about him, they have never heard of his name. His c.d. is very much worth listening. Since I got it 4 years ago it belongs to my favourite c.d.'s. In Oslo I saw his band the Sidiki band, in which he plays the songs from the c.d. with musicians from Oslo. A strange experience, without the traditional instruments, but with bass, sax, guitars and Sidiki on calebasse/drumkit. But my head is full of rhythms he taught me last weekend, and they are here to stay for sure! Ever heard of Kolokodugu? Dekou Dekou? Tisamba? They are great!

By bubudi
i have heard tisanba and degou degou, but not kolokodugu. i would like to hear more about that rhythm, if you have any information about it.

i also have his cd since 3 years ago. it's really great stuff, but it's not a high energy percussion cd. there's a very good balance between all the instruments, some really nice playing by sidiki but it's not really showing what he's capable of as a djembefola. the cd is available only at djansa.be.

my very first introduction to sidiki was in his days with sewa kan. seeing sidiki and mamady together is a real treat. such respect, such knowledge, such power...
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By Michel
The funny thing about the cd is that I have an other picture on the cover than you show above. Imo the few percussiontracks are very precious! And because I am practising kamalen'goni and balafon I am also glad with the other tracks. And listen to Toumani Diabaté with Kasse Mady Diabaté in Anne Camara! It is Mali pur sang. I was lucky to buy 5 in one time this weekend, so I will have enough presents for my fellow djembefolaw.
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By Michel
I have a nice recording where Sidiki plays some parts of Kolokodugu, but how to post it?
By bubudi
Michel wrote:I have a nice recording where Sidiki plays some parts of Kolokodugu, but how to post it?
use the "post reply" button (not quick reply)... below the reply box you will see a tab labelled 'upload attachment'.
thanks in advance!
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By Michel

I am sorry, tried to do as you told, but didn't succeed. it said the extension WAV is not allowed. And I am not a computer wizzard, rather play drums than keyboards......I will have to wait till someone drops by to make some other file of it. Michel
By drdjembe
i've been working with most of the masters, sidiki is one that gave me most secrets in best timing.
as well one of the strongest bridge between trtadition and modern aspects of mande music, every time we meet he kills me, in a wedding, in a ballet performance, malian melodics or jazz or mix with other world music, even techno!!
he's got no limits, makes separation between musics, what we see at first is just the outside part of the iceberg.
one of the best teacher, leader, and performer, and he's a really cool man.
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By michi
Absolutely superb, especially the second one, thank you for that!

Shades of Adama Dramé at the beginning…