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i am mainly a mobile user nowadays and i've noticed a definite improvement in speed. the increased anti spam functions were a big reason for the upgrade. also, old versions of the software are no longer supported (including several mods used which have undergone many upgrades that only work with the latest version).

cosmetic changes (font, colour scheme, etc) don't have anything to do with the software update but rather, as james said, were an additional step. a change of look from time to time is good. i do agree the previous colour scheme was a little softer on the eyes and perhaps james will take that into consideration and make some more adjustments. i'm finding the fonts perfectly legible though. it always takes a while to get used to a new look...
I'm sure I'll adapt to the new scheme, but it's far less pleasant on the eyes and more difficult to read posts. For a number of reasons, the color scheme and text are much more difficult to read than the previous layout and scheme (bad contrasts that are too bright, different font sizes and typefaces that don't facilitate reading, etc.). Many of the avatar images no longer work.

What are some of the advantages (e.g. better for mobile devices, easier to maintain) of this change? IMO it doesn't seem like an improvement on the user interface and usability side.
Hi Brian, I find it far more pleasant on the eyes, that was the reason.

the colour scheme is a lot simpler, no blue and no orange.

I won't see any bad contrasts anywhere, I'm particularly interested in this, as I agree it's very important. Please give an example and I will look into how I can improve it.

Most improvements are under the cover. We have better code stability and hopefully fewer bugs as we no longer have any unused modifications that were made previously. We are also more secure and getting able to use the latest spam prevention technology.

It wasn't fun or for fun, I promise you :)
james, picture attachments are now displaying, but avatars still are not. is the path set correctly for the avatar folder or is the avatar folder empty for some reason? that's the last bug i can see. thanks for all your hard work!
The problem with the contrast between the colours is with the different shades of grey/white. If there was more contrast between them (and if they were generally a bit darker) it would be easier to see where one post ended and another begins. All of the greys are too close so I find it hard to navigate easily. Or else you could put in border shading to make the transitions clear.

The biggest difficulty I was having was the background was too white so I found it hard to read the text. This issue has improved greatly with the slightly darker background (more gray or a yellowish hue is much better than pure white). Dleufer and I seem to have similar concerns so I won't cover what he voiced. It looks like you've solved most of the image bugs, which is great. Thanks for implementing all the changes. It's looking good now.

We benefit tremendously from all the work you've put into this forum over the years. You created a wonderful space for this forum to happen, and along with the other admins provide the critical infrastructure and maintenance of the site, allowing our amazing community to share ideas, discuss all things djembe, and flourish. Thank you!

james wrote:
both site map links broken
- fixed
no, they're still broken. scroll to the bottom of the screen to the bar that starts with 'board index', follow it to the middle where it says "site map" and 'sitemapindex'. both of those don't work.