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By djembefeeling
Rainer Polak would like to share a new article, "Timing and Meter in Mande
Drumming from Mali", co-authored by himself with Justin London ... london.php
published in Music Theory Online The
article analyzes swing-based timings and meters in Bambara and Khasonka
drumming from Mali. It is interdisciplinary and collaborative,
with perspectives from comparative musicology,
music theory, and music psychology. It follows from a colloquy
between London and Polak in the earlier pages of MTO, volume 16.4
MTO is an open access peer-reviewed journal published by the
Society for Music Theory.
By bubudi
this is great. i've been looking for a visual way to explain the various microtimings of some of the trickier rhythms and rainer has tackled these with his analyses in the first analysis. he then covers the rather unchartered terrain of khassonke music and makes a comparison with bamana music in the newer article.