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deedjembe wrote:Ok how much for this set of duns?

this is the set that I have been discussing with you for the past month. you have received a quote from manimou directly about the price. please let us know if you would like to purchase them and we can ship them out for you right away.


Aight folks. The holidays are here and my hommie really needs cash to get things set up for a trip he needs to take back home, and he figures that if people are gonna get hooked up this is the time. He is simultaneously trying to rebuild the concrete and bathrooms in one of the gbessia rehearsal spaces and trying to build his mother a new house. He is definitely not getting rich on these and if his wife may actually kill him if she knew that he was dropping the price on these this low.

Two dunnun sets each at $850

Eight Hundred Fifty dollars.... WTF ?!?!?

The drums are in Seattle, WA (united states). If you need them shipped the cost is on you. If you live anywhere between Seattle and Santa Cruz we will be able to drop them off for you during the first week of January. Ideally somewhere along the I-5 Corridor.

here are some photos and If you check the videos below you can see a brief video of one the diamond set. Both are similar dimensions and the same wood.

Feel free to contact me here through pm or if you have my facebook, that works too. My email is:
Nimba with paint
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Diamond Carving
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