Meeting place for buying and selling instruments
By hansba

Looking for places to buy Djembe from Europe. Find djembes from Thomann but don´t really know if they have any good ones. Can you recommend places and djembes for me. Price about 200€.
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By djembefeeling
Hi Hans,

I can recommend my own djembes ;) They are made by the Guinea-based Swiss drumbuilder David Mühlemann. If you are located in the north of Germany, please visit me in Hamburg. The price for such a djembe is 350,-€, but it is worth every cent!

If you are looking for a purchase via Internet, I can recommend to deal with David's buisiness partner Josef Bachmeier, His djembes are pricy, but amazing:

But, by all means, try to avoid buying a Djembe that you never touched! Rather go to a local dealer. Or wait till the end of may for the Afrika Festival in Würzburg, where there is also a market with Josef Bachmeier and other good dealers. It's probably the best place to go and pic a quality djembe...
By Paul
I'm sure there are teachers based in helsinki and teachers often suppliment their income selling and fixing drums.. good to buy off a teacher in your country as it supports them and makes contact with the people running the drumming scene in your country, you get to see the drum and you can maybe get a second hand drum, which if looked after well is just as good.

I know a drummer in helsinki, I can ask for some names if you like
By HawaOuti

We have some very good quality djembes from Guinea for sale in Helsinki (and classes if you are interested), you can come and try if there is one you like!
Send me a message or visit our website if you understand Finnish. (no pictures of the djembes, sorry).