Just for giggles
By djembeweaver
Batman bongos.jpg
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Exactly how I feel every time someone says this to me!

By djembeweaver
cupidsrose wrote:Hi, everybody, I am a new friend.
Hi. Why not post in the 'introductions' section and tell us a bit about yourself?

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By Shaeren
Why do people always jump to "bongo"? They don't even look remotely similar! I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time explaining what bongos look like :P
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By Waraba
This is a bongo.
The bongo is a reddish-orange hoofed animal with white stripes running vertically along the body of the bongo. The bongo is the one largest species of Antelope and the bongo is generally found grazing in herds in the African forests. The bongo is one of the only animal species in the world of which both the male and female bongo individuals have horns. The horns of the bongo tend to be fairly long and in most cases, slightly spiraled or wavy in appearance. The bongo uses these horns both for defense purposes and in the case of the males, it is believed that the bongo individuals with the largest horns are the dominant male of the bongo herd.
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