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By zurghhh
I was curious if anyone uses microphone stands or tripod speaker stands as dunun stands.
You can see one user on Wula's website a picture on the main page - in the slide show - so you only see it breifly - for a Kenkeni ?

It looks like an interesting alternate and would be a lot more transportable.
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By michi
I have doubts that a microphone stand would do the job. Too small a base and, for heavier dunun, issues with the weight too. You don't want the thing to sway all the time while you are playing it…

A heavy-duty tripod speaker stand might work. But, by the time you add some sort of attachment to it to properly hold the drum horizontal, I suspect you'll have a lot more weight and trouble than with the simple stands shown here. These are cheap, strong, robust, and light. Sometimes a low-tech solution still wins… ;)

By amakepeace
I have had good luck using keyboard stands for my dunduns. They were only $20 (Cdn) each, they are light and they store well. I bought some adjustable straps from the hardware store and strung them across the stand stops to support the dunduns rather than have them resting on the actual stand structure. I don't see a way I can upload an image of them, unfortunately.

But this is the type of stand I am talking about: cachepe.zzounds.com/media/quality,85/T21-adebde3c0b4de43d9cdac9ef285ab1c5.jpg